Month: November 2020

7 Best Tools to Count Letters and Words

Counting the number of characters and words is an essential task in many fields. You could be a university student writing your dissertation, a journalist writing an article, or a school student writing an essay. If you are writing a piece, chances are a word limit bounds you. Even if you are not restricted, keeping track of how many words you have written while writing any piece of content is beneficial. 

Most word processors don’t have the word counting feature, except for the major ones such as MS Word or Google docs. If you are writing on such platforms, don’t worry anymore; the internet world is filled with numerable word counting tools and online editors that will allow you to count your words for free.

8 Tools to count letter and words

You can find various word counting tools on the internet that does the job of counting letters and words in the most optimum way. Most of them are free. Since none of us are willing to pay for this service, let’s take a look at 7 of the best tools for counting letters and words that are free to use. 


UsefulTools is well known for its free Letter Counter tool. It is used to count words, letters, characters, sentences, and paragraphs. Such comprehensive insight helps you in creating favorable content and win points from your teacher or your employer.

Doc Word Counter: 

This editor is one of the most advanced word counters on the internet. The reason for that is that doc word counter not only counts your work’s words but also counts ‘standard words’ and ‘non-words’. Standard words refer to those words that can be found in the dictionary. These are also known as real words. On the other hand, non-words refer to email addresses, numbers, bullets, codes, and various other things that are not found in a standard dictionary. It is an ideal tool for content writers and university students alike. 


RewriteTools is an excellent companion for writers. If you are working on a piece and are worried about the word limit, use rewrite tools to automatically count the number of words, characters, characters without spaces in your article. Moreover, it can also count the number of sentences and the average length of the sentences. 

Letter Count:

This is a simple to use word calculator that is being extensively used by writers and students alike. All you have to do is copy your content and paste it into the text space. The system will generate the number of words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces in no time. Also, you can also type a paragraph out, and the counter will keep counting as you go. 

Count Words Free:

This tool provides free services to help you write your piece in the most optimum way by counting the number of words. There is no hassle of uploading a document. Simply copy and paste will work just fine. You can also type the content, and the system will generate the number of words and characters. 

Word Counter:

This platform comes with additional features apart from simple word counting. These features are what caught my eye and made me add the editor to the list. The first feature is its ability to count the number of pages. While words can be counted by innumerable word counting website, only some offer this feature. The other one is the grammar checking feature. Again, not something you would find in most word counting editors. 


An ideal companion for writers and bloggers, easy word count is simple to use, as the name suggests. There is no flashy background or intricate model of functioning, just copying and pasting on the text box and getting leads on characters, words, characters without spaces, etc. Furthermore, it can also calculate the value of words. 


Word Counting can be tricky if you’ve got no help. However, these online platforms can help you immensely in counting the number of words of your work.