4 Best Town Hall 9 Base Layout for War

If you are looking for the fresh base layout for your town hall 9 means you are in the right place. We hate base layouts used by the majority of the players, so we research on our own to update new and fresh bases frequently. The base layouts that you found here won’t be available anywhere on the Internet.

For Town Hall 9 war base layout – towers, bombs, mines, traps, canons, and archers must be placed in an appropriate place to perform the battle and win the war. We did several tests and made the following four best war base layout for town hall 9. You can use it in your clan without any doubt.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 1

townhall 9 war base layout 1

In this layout, inner walls must be built adjacent to others, and all the builder base buildings must be placed outside the wall. An Elixir Collector must be built in one corner of the layout and two Elixir Storage to be placed inside the walls so it will be protected by other defense and attacking buildings. Ten canons must be placed in every corner of the layout with a watchtower. Gold mines must be built outside the wall so that it will stop the enemies to some extend. Queen and King must be in the center the base as usual.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 2

townhall 9 war base layout 2

I hope you never saw this th9 war base layout before because walls are built very cleverly in this layout. You can see the well-structured layout as every section have the same set of items. Your enemy will definitely get confused in deploying the troops as each corner looks identical to others. It basically consists of four sections where defensive buildings are placed in one section, attacking buildings in one section, army buildings in one section, and king building in the final section.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 3

townhall 9 war base layout 3

Don’t get scared this war base layout will be a game-changer for your town hall 9 clans. Here the layout is built more cleverly by placing all the attacking, defense, and army buildings outside the wall and nothing placed inside the wall except archeries, canons, and watchtowers. This one will attack the enemies more efficiently as the weapons no need to travel for long distances. Also, the walls are not completely closed; this layout has more number of traps.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 4

townhall 9 war base layout 4


This layout is built based on the structure of a diamond as you see walls are placed zig-zag manner to form its structure. Here two Elixir storage is placed in the opposite direction; this will slow down the enemies in destroying. Attacking and Defensive buildings are placed outside of the wall as well as inside so that it will give greater competition to the enemy’s troops.


Now you got the best war base layouts for your town hall 9 use it wisely and win the war. If you have any questions or doubts about these layouts means, please feel free to comment on it below. Also, if you have better layouts than mine means send it to me by using the contact us form. Thank you enjoy clashing!

Source: Topcocbases.com