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4 Best Town Hall 9 Base Layout for War

If you are looking for the fresh base layout for your town hall 9 means you are in the right place. We hate base layouts used by the majority of the players, so we research on our own to update new and fresh bases frequently. The base layouts that you found here won’t be available anywhere on the Internet.

For Town Hall 9 war base layout – towers, bombs, mines, traps, canons, and archers must be placed in an appropriate place to perform the battle and win the war. We did several tests and made the following four best war base layout for town hall 9. You can use it in your clan without any doubt.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 1

townhall 9 war base layout 1

In this layout, inner walls must be built adjacent to others, and all the builder base buildings must be placed outside the wall. An Elixir Collector must be built in one corner of the layout and two Elixir Storage to be placed inside the walls so it will be protected by other defense and attacking buildings. Ten canons must be placed in every corner of the layout with a watchtower. Gold mines must be built outside the wall so that it will stop the enemies to some extend. Queen and King must be in the center the base as usual.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 2

townhall 9 war base layout 2

I hope you never saw this th9 war base layout before because walls are built very cleverly in this layout. You can see the well-structured layout as every section have the same set of items. Your enemy will definitely get confused in deploying the troops as each corner looks identical to others. It basically consists of four sections where defensive buildings are placed in one section, attacking buildings in one section, army buildings in one section, and king building in the final section.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 3

townhall 9 war base layout 3

Don’t get scared this war base layout will be a game-changer for your town hall 9 clans. Here the layout is built more cleverly by placing all the attacking, defense, and army buildings outside the wall and nothing placed inside the wall except archeries, canons, and watchtowers. This one will attack the enemies more efficiently as the weapons no need to travel for long distances. Also, the walls are not completely closed; this layout has more number of traps.

Town Hall 9 War Base Layout 4

townhall 9 war base layout 4


This layout is built based on the structure of a diamond as you see walls are placed zig-zag manner to form its structure. Here two Elixir storage is placed in the opposite direction; this will slow down the enemies in destroying. Attacking and Defensive buildings are placed outside of the wall as well as inside so that it will give greater competition to the enemy’s troops.


Now you got the best war base layouts for your town hall 9 use it wisely and win the war. If you have any questions or doubts about these layouts means, please feel free to comment on it below. Also, if you have better layouts than mine means send it to me by using the contact us form. Thank you enjoy clashing!


10 Best Websites To Download Hollywood Movies for Free

We love to watch movies all time. If it is available for free means, we love it more than anything. Am I right? When you open your web browser and type free movie download, you’ll see a long list of banned pages and some of the fake sites promising to catch your latest movie within minutes.

So we are here with a list of free movie download sites where you can find movies of high quality without paying money. There are several legal outlets offering free movies and TV shows; you can also search our list of free and legal music and free streaming sports websites.

123 Movies

123movies is well known among all movie fans because of its huge database of latest movies. The best thing about this site is that it classifies the site’s contents into different categories. So you can use year, ranking, country and genre to filter your quest. All of the series ‘new episodes are uploaded on this website.

Without a doubt, this is an awesome free movie site that contains not only the movies but all of the most famous serials. On the free movies website’s homepage, there is a Google-style search bar which allows you to search for titles based on your needs.


One of the latest players in town has the title P2PGuru, while the title sounds at it’s best tacky & cheesy, the reason for this initiative is very brilliant as the project was carried out in response to internet censorship linked to Copyright Rules, Articles 13 and #SaveYourInternet.

Sometimes these issues have been addressed in depth by many people and some of them who want internet freedom are trying their best to make it easier for everyone.

The best thing about P2PGuru is that it is fully ad-free and most importantly, it hosts 76,080 free movies and 6,000 television shows. Please notice that they will not only work on building a torrent database consisting of all other related information about a movie and show (including IMDB ratings).

But allowing you to find everything you need to browse through numerous websites in one before, but they will also build and show new features such as custom watch list, Notify-Me button, quality ratings and Guru ratings that will make your browsing experience much simpler, safer and more seamless.


Indeed, during the time the largest YouTube video site modified the amount of stuff. It improves to provide free and ad-supported content after its latest update, and that’s why I placed it at the top of the list.

It should be noted that YouTube provides more than 1000 films making it one of the best film streaming sites.

The Internet Archive

You’ll be delighted to find The Internet Archive in this list which is completely free to download movies. Downloading free movies, music and books is like getting a gold mine. This list includes the original Farewell to Arms, Jungle Book, the iron mask, The Brother from Another Planet, Night of the Living Dead, etc.

About 4-5 years ago, the Internet Archive provided only direct links, and movie downloads often failed due to large file size. Now you can quickly enjoy and stream hundreds of movies without spending a cent, thanks to torrent links. The whole catalogue found on this website keeps increasing and keeps on adding new material daily.

This is completely a free downloading site and also allows you to create a free digital library card that will allow you to access forums, download videos, bookmark favourite posts, and more.


This site is absolutely awesome, tidy and has a nice home page. All movies are in high definition and are hosted on fast servers of transmission. Which means you can access the free movies here without waiting for them if you have 2 MBPS Internet connection. The section contains fewer advertisements, and none are boring.

This site’s media player is clean and simple too. Overall, I’d give this site’s user interface definitely nine out of ten. There is also a subtitle feature built-in it. You can pick the film’s subtitles from your own venue, such as English, Spanish and French, etc.


If you don’t know about Hotstar, it’s a huge collection of Hindi and English films. You don’t need to spend a single penny on streaming movies and shows from Hotstar. The software interface is very clean, and the app is well-designed too.

Watch TCM

As a bonus, when you have an active cable subscription, several movie studios and streaming platforms provide free access to the movie websites. Turner Classic Movies’ TCM provides the best selection of films for those who want free deals. Called Watch TCM, this channel allows you to stream an infinite number of free movies either with satellite packages or by cable connection.


5 Best Movie Streaming Services for 2020

With the best streaming services available, it’s easy to wirelessly watch movies and TV shows. Forget going to the theatre, or buying a costly media. You can now start the best streaming service based on your preferences, to watch your favorite shows on-demand.

As the best streaming service in general, Netflix offers an excellent array of TV shows, films, and original shows. But there are a lot of other interesting options available too.

If you need anything less costly, Hulu is a worthwhile option and, of course, a few bucks less if you are going to watch some commercials. The relatively new Disney Plus competitor is also worth a visit, particularly when Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney are your favorite movies, catalogs.

You will get confused about choosing the best movie streaming service for your needs. We analyzed over 25+ best movie streaming services for almost 80 hours to create this list. Please read this article carefully, so it will be easier for you to choose the best service as per your budget and needs.

best movie streaming service


Netflix has this year’s largest collection of original films with almost 424 originals and another ten in progress. Looking at your favorite genres, Netflix has something for you: the streaming service offers romantic comedies like’ When We Met’ and’ Set up’ and’ Someone Good’ too cute classics like’ Dumplin’ and’ All The Boys I LOVE Before” target living rooms all over the world.

Although Netflix does not yet have a 4 K screen, it is a good sign of its longevity to maintain its commitment to technological advances. Note that for the Premium plan, you will pay $17 a month compared to $13 for the Standard (HD) plan to access 4 K content.

However, the Premium option offers two additional simultaneous transmission screens, which allow four people to view it at the same time. And this could be Netflix’s biggest drawback: its offerings are generally more expensive than the competition.

YouTube TV 

YouTube TV offers a wide variety of fun activities and an excellent range of live sports and news channels. Dis, AMC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Fox, FX, and NBC form one of the strongest networks available. They recently added content from the Discovery network and the Animal Planet, the Food Network, and the website of HGTV. 

YouTube TV is also the first big Live TV to link PBS on your side. You can also add other services to your subscription, such as NBA League Pass, Game Time, and Starz, if more than 70 channels on YouTube TV collection still doesn’t meet your requirements.

You can use YouTube TV to store unlimited DVRs in the cloud. This service will hold your records for nine months and enable you to watch your content from anywhere in the USA. With a subscription to YouTube TV, up to six accounts may be shared for family or roommates, but be mindful that only three accounts can be shared at the same time.

YouTube TV apps look superb and work perfectly on different platforms. Recently YouTube TV has been announced support for most Amazon Fire TV devices. YouTube TV is available on PlayStation 4 now. This is the only live TV channel that has already disappeared as PlayStation Vue for the console. 

The strong research methods and high performance of the transmission in our tests, making it one of the best cable substitution services for the general public. Make sure that service is available at your location before considering the option.

best movie streaming services


HBO, original premium content service, is now available with two different streaming modes: HBO GO (where cable or satellite has HBO) and HBO Go (for cable cutters). Don’t worry about the variations, since the service’s dual transmission channels deliver the same premium cable content. 

And its collection is not limited to Game of Thrones since shows such as Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Veep are available. Vice News Tonight presents a beautifully crafted night show for those looking to follow current events, and last week John Oliver is giving the crowd a chuckle. That could be a bit expensive for HBO NOW at $14.99 a month.

Amazon Prime Video 

Streaming’s biggest advantage is all of the perks of subscribing to Prime. Amazon Prime Subscription offers not only Prime Video but also Prime Music and a free eBook every month. For most consumers, the most attractive attraction is free shipping for two days on orders from 

An Amazon Prime membership costs $119 less for a whole year (approximately $10 a month) than a subscription to HBO Now. You can only pay $9 per month for Prime Video, technically, but we think Prime’s other benefits are worth an extra $9 per month. And you don’t have to buy a higher 4 K streaming bundle, relative to Netflix.

Unlike other film streaming services, you’ll rent and purchase Prime Video movies. It may take a while to broadcast a new film, and some of the films will never be viewed. Prime Video is providing the privilege of popular Friday night hits without waiting to see your personal video versions.


Hulu has established itself as one of the best all-in-one cable cutter, based on its diverse range of delivery choices. Hulu offers live sound television (more than 60 news, sports and entertainment channels), and a great selection of films, apart from a large library of classical programming. 

Nevertheless, Hulu matches some of its main competitors with his poor original content and a limited choice of 4 K content. FX will be offering new seasons of original Hulu shows under a deal that begins in March and will include seasons of current and previous episodes.

Hulu’s most recent refurbishment delivers modern-day service. The interfaces now consist of sleek, platform-wide user menus and media-friendly templates. Neither of the applications we tested had any problems with the results.