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10 Best Fade Haircuts for Men

A perfect haircut will enhance your beauty and personality. We all are aware of different types of haircut exists. Choosing the best haircut is not a tough task; all you need is to spend some time and select the best from the different types of haircuts available on the internet. 

Many sites contain various types of haircuts. Some sites arrange it in a clumsily. Here, we provide you only one of the best hairstyles called the fade haircut. So, if you are a person who is interested in fade haircut, you are going to enjoy this article. You don’t like fade haircut means check the Crew Cut Haircut.

Here are the ten best fade haircuts for men!

  • Hipster Taper Fade
  • Fade with Side Part
  • Low Fade
  • Drop Fade
  • Disconnected Fade Haircut 
  • High Top Fade
  • Undercut Mohawk Faded Temple
  • Buzz Fade
  •  Box Fade 
  • Comb Over Faded 

Hipster Taper Fade: 

Well dressed men, in general, prefer taper fade style as its one of the sexiest haircuts. The highlight of this haircut is that it’s totally low-cost maintenance, only requires a bit of hair gel for styling. 

Fade with Side Part:

Fade with side part still find someplace in the trending list, and it’s trendy for a while, and it also fits for flattering kind of stuff for different face shapes around the world. Fade with side part style helps when the hair is much longer on the top.

Low Fade:

The low fade haircut is one of the highly recommended hairstyles for men who are with round or circular face shape. This haircut provides men with circular face shape, a good, neat, and gentle look. 

Drop Fade:

In drop fade haircut, the fades gradually decrease will behind the back neck and ear, like an arc is formed. Hence, as the fade drops, they are named after this. It’s a cool and stunning haircut to wear. 

Disconnected Fade Haircut:

In disconnected fade haircuts, there is a sharp reduction in the length, on the sides, and also on the back. This look is a long hair type with sides, are shortened. A choppy style is created on the top with the help of some specific scissors that the barbers own. This way of haircut is in recent trend-now.

High Top Fade:

If you are a man who loves some long hair to be left behind on the top with some spiky style, then you can go for a high top fade haircut. It is a little bit tough to hold-on the spike, so prefer proper hair-gel, then this haircut will be perfect with it.

Undercut Mohawk Faded Temple:

Most of the men love to get a Mohawk style haircut. An undercut Mohawk faded temple haircut will be one of the best Mohawk style haircuts. In the year of ‘90s and early 2000s, it was a trendy haircut still. It is also well-known as South France Fade.

Buzz Fade:

A buzz fade is a simple haircut to wear for a party. It can be get done by using some exact electric clippers. The electric clippers just buzz the hair to a shorter length, equally faded on all sides and top as well.

Box Fade:

The box fade haircut is popular among African American Men, as most of them have hard and curly hair. If you want to look a little bit of funky, then the box fade haircut will be your decent choice. It’s also completely a trendy haircut to choose from now.

Comb Over Faded:

Comb over fade haircut is one of the finest and coolest fade haircuts of all time. It is a simple haircut that you can make on your own with a proper hair trimmer set in an appropriate clip size and a razor. If you are a new faded haircut, this will be an excellent choice.


 The faded haircut is something that will never disappear on the trendy list. So, next time, if you need of a modern-age haircut, choose the above mentioned best-faded haircuts. It will give you the best look of yours. Cheers!